TV Mounting


At Seattle Sight and Sound we do a lot of TV mounting jobs. We probably mount more TV’s than any other company in the city. There are a few things we must inform our customers of in light of current trends and our ability to perform this service correctly.

TV Wall Mounts

We do not suggest you buy a mount via Amazon or any other discount websites.

Seattle Sight and Sound strives to provide products and services that we can stand behind for years to come and often these mounts are of a subpar build quality and strength. They are not UL listed, meaning, they have not been properly tested to show that they can carry the weight and stress of a TV hanging from them.  These mounts do not carry the proper certifications both my liability insurance, and your own homeowners insurance requires in case your TV falls from the wall and causes damage to your home.

To continue providing the greatest level of products and services we will no longer use any customer provided mounting equipment.


When mounting your TV we typically run your A/V cabling in the walls.  The standard cables purchased online at discount websites or those that come with a piece of equipment are not properly insulated and built to be run in walls. Using these cables is both dangerous and an insurance liability. Seattle Sight and Sound makes sure to use the proper wiring every time to ensure a great quality and lasting installation.

For those who would like pricing and estimates of your TV mounting job

If you can provide some information to us we can put together an estimate in most cases with no need of a site visit.

1. Brand and model number of TV.

2. Type of mount you are looking for, there are three standard mounts:

Flat or Fixed: Mounts your TV in a flat and level position with no movement.
Tilting: Mounts will allow for the TV to placed in a fixed location with the ability to be tilted downward for higher locations such as over fireplaces.
Articulating or Full Motion: Mounts will allow for the TV to be brought forward, angled sideways, and tilting applications. These mounts are great option for open concept homes or if the TV will be mounted in a corner where it can sit at an angle.

3. List of equipment you would like to hook up to the TV. This includes cable boxes, soundbars, media players, DVD/BluRay players, and many other parts.

4. A picture of the area the TV will be mounted and a picture of the area or furniture where your equipment will be placed .

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